2011 Social Audit Report

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WEMA 2011 Social Audit Report and WEMA Management Response

Key findings

  • Overall ESC2 evaluation of the WEMA Project remains ‘good’
  • Collaborations have improved, and can continue to improve WEMA communications
  • WEMA communication can continue to improve on delivering tailored information to a wider range of stakeholder groups
  • WEMA’S deployment plan is unclear to many stakeholders
  • Clarity is needed on the performance of wema technologies
  • Positive interactions among WEMA partners are valuable to the project

The Social Audit was conducted by the Ethical, Social, Cultural, and Commercialization Program* of the Sandra Rotman Centre, University Health Network and University of Toronto, Canada. This an annual social audit whose objective is to measure and report on the ethical, social, cultural and commercialization impacts of the Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) project as seen by a wide variety of key stakeholders. The goal is to improve accountability, transparency and management, and build trust among WEMA stakeholders, and between WEMA and the general public.
 *ESC2 team's email address: wema.esc2.team@srcglobal.org

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