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By Dan Murphy
One of the most persistent images of African agriculture is the iconic photos of dusty, drought-stricken fields where crops are withering under the Sub-Saharan region’s blazing sun. Indeed, much of Africa is drought-prone, which complicates food production for millions of subsistence... more
By Al-amani MutarubukwaBusinessWeek ReporterDar es Salaam. Tanzania is still lagging behind in conducting confined field trials for genetically modified (GM) maize compared with other East African countries, says a researcher.The situation is mainly attributed to country’s strict bio-safety law.
 “... more
Daily Nation, 19 May 2010
The ammonia-like smell and slimy texture of soybeans fermented with bacteria is a combination that is craved by many Japanese, as this dish, known as natto, is said to nourish the brain, prevent high blood pressure and to keep the skin young.
It is said hungry Japanese... more
Makwaia Wakuhenga - opinion
Tanzania is poised for a scientific revolution to defeat one of its worst weather vagaries - drought – if tests to fertilise maize seeds biotechnologically prove successful.
A scientific conference which I followed in Johannesburg last week organised by the 'Water... more
When the Bacillus subtilis bacteria is injected into an ordinary maize seed, an interesting event occurs; the leaves of the fully grown maize plant curl up in dry conditions thus losing less water to evaporation and making this mutant staple crop virtually resistant to the crippling droughts that... more
Kampala — There is maize being harvested in all corners of Uganda. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this is likely to be the biggest maize harvest in a very long time.
The harvests would be even better, if two new maize varieties that may change the face of maize production in the region... more
An African saying cautions that when you have eaten your fill, you should cover your stomach. Economists who study behaviour say rich nations have for years been doing the opposite. The richer they get, the more wastefully the people eat.
Generally the poor eat vegetables, while the rich eat food... more
Daily Nation, 18 June 2009
Kenya will soon start confined field trials of drought-tolerant transgenic maize variety in a project spearheaded by Kenya Agricultural Research Institute. The project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is in the process of seeking regulatory approval for the... more
By Lominda Afedraru, 21 September 2011
Inflation is not only affecting at consumers but farmers as well. Farmers in Kasese district, growing various food items at Mubuku irrigation scheme and elsewhere, have been forced to increase prices of their produce by Shs200 from an already agreed price as... more
By Ben Omondi
NAIROBI---Three East African Community (EAC) member states – Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania – are among five sub-Saharan Africa countries set to benefit from a five-year $ 49 million project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop maize varieties that can grow using... more


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