Products Commercialisation and Licensing Program

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WEMA Products Available for Licensing

Product Allocation and Licensing process for WEMA products to Seed Companies

Products License Application Form (this form should be used by companies applying for the first time for production and or distribution of the WEMA Products)

for more information contact:
Dr Gospel Omanya
WEMA Deployment Team Leader

Products Continuing License Application Form (this form should be used by Companies requesting for a further license for production and or distribution of the WEMA Products) wema image
Products Testing License Application Form (this form should be used by Companies that are solely applying for a testing license)

New Products Released - Click on hybrid code to view detail for each hybrid. Click here to download all profiles in pdf

Hybrids available in Kenya
WE1203 WE1259 WE2101
WE2104 WE2106 WE2107
WE2108 WE2109 WE2110
WE2111 WE3104 WE3106
WE3101 WE3102 WE3105
WE3201 WE3202 WE3205
WE3210 WE1101 WE1254
WE4104 WE4108 WE4109
WE4117 WE4118 WE4119
WE4140 WE4141 WE4142
WE4207 WE4208 WE5107
WE5113 WE5114 WE5117
WE5120 WE5135 WE5138
WE5139 WE5140 WE5142
WE5143 WE5202 WE5205
WE5206 WE5210 WE5213
WE5215 WE5218 WE5227
WE5229 WE5230 WE4115
WE6101 WE6108 WE6109
Hybrids available in Uganda
WE2114 WE2115 WE2101
WE2104 WE2106 WE2103
WE1101 WE3103 WE3106
Hybrids available in Tanzania
WE2109 WE2112 WE2113
WE3102 WE3113 WE3117
WE4102 WE4106 WE4110
WE4114 WE4115  
Hybrids available in South Africa
WE6206B WE6207B WE6208B
WE6209B WE6210B  
WE3127 WE3128 WE4145
WE4359 WE4143 WE4144
WE4147 WE4307 WE4308
WE4309 WE4309 WE4338
WE4351 WE5321 WE5323
Hybrids available in Mozambique
WE3128 WE2101  
  *B indicates the hybrid is a Bt hybrid

WEMA inbred lines (updated August 2016)
WEMA Inbred Code Heterotic Pool GCA Yld GCA Mst
WMA1002 A 105.15   100.52  
WMA2101 A 109.82   101.78  
WMA3104 A 103.85   101.1  
WMB3001 B TBC   TBC  
WMB3307 A 96.3   101.28  
WMB4807 B 102.52   99.03  
WMB4810 B 106.95   100.48  
WMB4840 B 103.49   100.32  
WMB4871 B 117.26   100.14  
WMB5803 B 103.9   100.3  
WMB5806 B 95.41   98.34  
WMC5516 C 108.76   98.76  
WMA1202 A 99.93   100.06  
WMA2001 A 113.02   98.58  
WMA2002 B 104.19   100.18  
WMA4413 B 96.45   96.63  
WMB4002 A 106.47   100.93  
WMB8804 B 102.06   101.26  
WMA8827 A 106.34   99.21  
WMA8828 A 108.27   99.57  
WMA9902 A 101.17   100.55  

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